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We are not rats. Or are we?

We are not rats. Or are we?

Productivity. The world of Pomodoros, time trackers, todo apps, and habit-building techniques. It's easy to get lost in methods of making ourselves do something we don't want to do.

How to chop wood, according to Google.

Do you have to "overcome" procrastination? I don't think so.

Procrastination is a signal. A signal from the primordial part of our brain. It doesn't speak words. It speaks emotions. It regulates our energy levels and internal systems.

Its goal is to conserve energy, and these parts are built to gather all available data, quickly process it and make a decision. Since time immemorial, they have made all kinds of living things survive and thrive in a hostile world.

Don't fight it. Play along. Listen to it. Use it.

Procrastination is a form of intuition. Our whole being senses that something is off.

Procrastination is our friend. Take a step back. Reassess the situation. Likely, you will see something in a new light, and find a better path. Life is short.

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